Brand Identity, UI/UX, Animation, 2020
SustainabilitySponsored by NewellIDEA Finalist
Airo is a smart & eco-friendly air purifier that creates healthy and joyful air purifying experience for the targeted users. My main role in the team was as a brand strategist & designer, creating a proper brand and user experience for the air purifier.

Product designers: Sean Herrin, Yanhui Ban, Jihae Lee
Project Overview & Challenge

We received an existing air purifier from Newell (on the left) and asked to redesign it. I was part of market & demographic research.
Early Process
Brand logotype and logomark are designed to fit flexible on the surface of the product and digital interfaces.
Brand Identity
Brand shape language is circle/round, created considering not only the shape of the product but the feelings users get, giving a breathable & comfortable.
Brand Strategy / System
The brand pattern continues in the brand posters and promotions.
The brand homepage is user-friendly and welcoming, navigating users to a digital user guide, user stories, and shopping.
Web / App
Birdy is a messenger, delivering important air purifying information to the users and living in the product in the user's space - building a special experience with the users.
User scenario starts from receiving sustainably packaged products and starting Airo home app by scanning the code. The app allows user to fully customize their experience with the air purifier.
User experience
Design system for the digital screen on the air purifier and how it's animated on the screen.
UI Visual