Rebranding, Type design, 2021
Climate ChangeConservation
Svalbard Global Seed Vault is the largest seed storage in the world, located in Norway, playing an important role of preserving biodiversity and resilience of crops in the future.

The institution, with its nickname being a "Doomsday Vault", is misjudged by the audience as an under-veil, undisclosed organization in the apocalypse.
Background & Challenge
The new logo form was inspired by the shape of seeds and sprouts. It conveys the idea of the beauty of seed diversity and continuous growth in humanity.
Logotype & Exploration
As an extension to the logotype, a full upper and lower case system was developed as a part of the brand identity system.
Custom Typeface
The typeface is animated, referencing the melting ice caused by climate change, bringing attention to the disappearance of crop diversity.
Brand Motion
Brand Posters are designed to arouse interest and raise awareness around the topic of seed diversity conservation with a soft yet serious voice.
Animated Brand Posters
A Series of content posters promote hypothetical programs under the institution, designed in a grid system inspired by the storage units of the vault.
Content Posters
↪ Poster Series in Space
Collaterals mainly showcase how the brand's custom typeface and the secondary typeface work together cohesively in different settings.
Imagined an interactive installation - Seed Portal -where the audience can explore unique cultivators' cultures and learn about different types of seeds stored in the Vault.
Learning Tool