Hand-drawn illustrations
Created a series of illustrations that bring warm holiday spirits to the global small business owners using Meta for Business, highlighting the important holiday season in 2022.Link
Identity, 2022
Designed identity and print collaterals for MoML 2022, Molecule Machine Learning Conference, held by MIT Jameel Clinic.
Type Exploration, Micro Brand Identity, 2021
What is it like to harvest and eat in outer space? While Mars has held a central place in human imagination, THE HAB BY FRO, a micro brand under the institution, Fro Svalbard, explores the idea of practicing art of harvesting in space and developing a unique food culture on Mars.
Animation, 2021
Quick animation on the idea: design creates culture and vice versa
3D Diptych, Arnold, 2019
Created a pair of 3D characters to express a bitter-sweet, ironic modern days romance.