Title sequence, Photography, 2019
ExperimentalInfinity of Time
The project goal was to design 11 title sequence style frames for the movie, Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrik. Challenge for this project was to capture everything with pure photography experimentation.
Background & Challenge
The concept behind is visualizing the infinity of time from the monolith's perspective, inspired by the idea of time relevancy. My strategy was to capture the depth of mood, ambiguity, and mysteriousness of time in space by experimenting with geometric & repetitive shapes of the typography
Final Style Frames

For the main framing device for the sequence, I chose 5 alphabets of the word "ODYSSEY". The first frame opens up with the alphabet, O, and others are slowly introduced in an interesting way, revealing the full word, ODYSSEY, at the end.
Individual Frames

To capture the pure motion and texture without a digital effect, there are a couple of photography strategies and materials I needed to explore. The creative process of playing with tangible cut-out letter forms was fun and unique which I want to explore more in other projects.